Centennial News May 6, 2016

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Celebrating a Century of Sensing Excellence

The Milestone

Since 1916 we have been committed to producing top quality products that align with current industry demands. From providing gold plating for the local jewelry business out of a manufacturing basement in Attleboro, MA to operating in over 16 countries worldwide satisfying the needs of several powerhouse industries, Sensata Technologies is proud to have created the ability to provide leading-edge technology solutions to meet today’s, and future, market needs.

April 2016 marked a milestone for Sensata Technologies as we celebrated 100 years of sensing excellence. To commemorate this accomplishment several of our global sites, including our business center still calling Attleboro home, hosted birthday-type events. The festivities not only allowed for team building activities, but also allowed us to reflect upon how far we have come over the past century and sparked excitement for our future.

While each country catered their individual event to align with their culture, the overall message was the same: We are One Sensata, not defined by borders, and bonded through a common goal – improving safety, efficiency and comfort for millions of people every day through our devices.

The Celebrations

To date, 10 locations have celebrated their employees and accomplishments to mark our centennial. In Attleboro, Sensata President and CEO Martha Sullivan declared, “A 100-year legacy is indeed something to celebrate.  It also is an awesome responsibility, and I ask everyone at Sensata to please recognize that you are part of something that is much bigger than any of us.  Recommit yourself to the purpose and values that have enabled us to endure – and thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone across all of Sensata who helped bring us to today!”

From badminton and team photo challenges in Japan, declaring Sensata soccer champions in China, and solving puzzles together in India, it is safe to say, coming away from the events, employees felt a rejuvenated sense of team and connection to the Sensata mission. Our future is bright, and we encourage you to follow our journey throughout the next 100 years.