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Burn-in Test Socket: 0.4 mm Pitch CSP
Available in Compression Mount or Through–hole

Proven contact — No contact on bottom of ball, contact life exceeds 10,000 actuations
Small socket outline — From 26x19.5mm to 40x40mm
Interchangeable adapter
Various package sizes available — up to 15x15mm
Assembled in controlled environment
Open top — Open top auto–load actuated socket
Through–hole and compression mount
Low actuation force — From 1.2kg, depending on pin count

Mechanical Characteristics
Contact system
Buckling beam (more info)
Dual pinch (more info)
Package insertion force
Contact force
Range: 10–14g/pin
Minimum: 10,000 actuations
Temperature range
-55°C to 150°C
Contact point
Side of solder ball
Actuation force
From 1.2kg, depending on pin count

Electrical Characteristics
Current rating
0.25 amp per pin @ 125°C
Insulation resistance
1000 Mohms at 500VDC
Dielectric voltage
Withstands 500VDC for 1 minute
Contact resistance at 10mA
Initial: 150 mohm maximum
After 10K cycles: 1 ohm maximum
6nH at 50 MHz, approximately

SEM image of 0.50mm pitch BGA
This SEM image shows an array of solder balls on the 0.50mm BGA package after burn-in at 140°C. Note the uniformity of the alignment of the contact witness marks, illustrating the accurate alignment features of the Sensata socket.
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BGA 0.5mm pitch IC test socket by Sensata

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