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CSP 0.5mm Pitch Brochure
0.5 mm Pitch BGA CSP (PDF)
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February, 2008
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IC Burn-in Test Socket Product Overview
Solutions for the Industry’s Most Demanding CSP Requirements

Whether you are looking from our existing portfolio of burn-in test sockets or a custom CSP solution, Sensata offers unmatched capacity, worldwide bandwidth and manufacturing flexibility. Our global workforce is ready to partner with you to find the best solution, no matter what you need.

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BGA Series IC Burn-In Test Sockets
Ball Grid Array Packages
LGA IC Burn-In Test Sockets
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QFP IC Burn-In Test Sockets
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The future is clear... More I/O at smaller sizes.
Our team creates next generation sockets so that we have the best solution, at the right time, to meet your semiconductor socket needs.
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