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QFP (Quad Flat Pack) IC Burn-In Test Socket Packages

Mechanical Characteristics
Contact system
Normally closed
Package insertion force
Contact force
Typical: Approximately 12g/pin
Range: 10–15g/pin
Minimum: 10,000 cycles
Temperature range
-40°C to 150°C
Contact point
Top and bottom of pin
Maximum IC offset
During load: ±0.5 mm in X or Y axis
Actuation force
Typical: 3.0–5.0kg

Electrical Characteristics
Current rating
1 amp per pin
Insulation resistance
1000 mohms at 500V DC
Dielectric voltage
Withstands 100–700V AC for 1 minute
Contact resistance
Initial: 30 mohm maximum at 10mA/20mV initial
10,000 cycles minimum
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QFP IC Test and Burn-In Sockets

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