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Klixon 3MP Series
3MP Self–Hold

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Washing machines
Vacuum cleaners
Chain saws
Lawn mowers

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Klixon® 3MP series motor protector and thermal cut-out
Self–hold, 250VAC 6(1)A

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Declarations to EN60730-2-2 Qualifications
Performance Characteristics
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Features and Overview /\ Top

Snap–action Klixon disc
ENEC and UL approvals
120VAC and 230VAC
Compact design
Minimizes the total cost of the motor protection function
Provides higher level of safety for appliances having free access to rotating parts
Provides extra flexibility during the motor manufacturing process
Provides mounting flexibility and ease of handling
Guarantees to pass the UL 18 days locked rotor test in combination with high currents
Assures maximum protection under locked rotor conditions
European supply
Wide range of standard lead configuration available
Wide range of customization available, including: terminal configurations, leads, Mylar™ insulation sleeve, coding, colors
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Motor Control
CODE: 3MP self–hold series

Recent history has seen a growing demand for a non–self resetting motor protection device to ensure a high level of safety. Sensata Technologies has developed the self–hold motor protector for both 120 and 230VAC applications in a wide current range.

The operating principle of the 3MP self–hold is both simple and effective. The protector is actuated by the heat received from surrounding parts. The electrical circuit is interrupted when the disc reaches its pre–set open temperature. Due to the heat supply from the PTC pill, the bimetal disc does not cool down below the close temperature. The contacts will remain open until the appliance is switched off by the user, assuring a higher level of safety. when switched off, the device cools down to a safe temperature again and the contacts will automatically reset.

The bimetal disc provides excellent thermal and current sensitivity in over–load situations. Under locked rotor conditions the integrated heater in combination with the bimetal disc provides very accurate trip times for maximum protection.

Performance Characteristics /\ Top
Standard Operating Temperature Range
80°C to 140°C in increments of 5K
Tolerance on Open Temperature
Peak Temperature 5 minutes
Maximum Ambient Temperature
T - open + 20°C
Ambient Temperature to Guarantee Stable Self–Hold Function
Time check at T - ambient 25°C
4 to 10 seconds
Contact Rating Motor Protector
Depends on application and its test results
Contact Rating
18.0 Amp @ cos 0.6 / 250VAC / 300 cycles
Contact Rating Thermal Cutout
250VAC 6 (1) Amp
Contact Rating Motor Protector
Depends on the application and its test results

Qualifications /\ Top
File number E15962
File number 2014531.07
EN60730-2-2 thermal motor protector

Declarations to EN60730-2-2 /\ Top
Purpose of the control
Thermal motor protector
PTI of insulation materials
PTI 175
Method of mounting
Off–winding, fixed position, no mounting limitation
Type of action
Type 3C
Reset characteristic
Automatic and/or Voltage (This is maintained by PTC heater. Device resets by interrupting power supply)
Control pollution degree
1 (per IEC 60730-1 Third Edition)
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