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Klixon AP Series
Klixon 6AP:

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Window lift motors
Front and rear wiper motors
Sun roof motors
Adjuster motors
Antenna lift motors
Door lock actuators
Wiper motors
Sliding door motors
... And more

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Klixon® 6AP series automotive motor protector
3–40 amps

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Features and Overview /\ Top

Snap–action Klixon disc
Thermal motor protection reacting to both current and temperature
Compact design
High cycle life and reliability
Terminal material provides trouble–free welding and in pre–tinned variation easy wavebath-soldering
Prevents overly high motor temperatures by providing very precise tripping times
Current–time characteristic optimized for each specific application
Protector selection and application testing by Sensata Technologies laboratory with results in extended report at your service
Protect 12– and 24–volt DC motors during locked rotor, overload and over–current situations
Wide variety of standard terminals configurations enable terminals to be welded, soldered or crimped
Custom configurations available including: open temperature, bimetal type, heater wire material, thickness
Custom design flexibility including customer part number printed on product and color coding
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Motor Control

CODE: 6AP series

As a world leader in automotive motor protection, Sensata Technologies has developed the 6AP to operate in wide temperature and current ranges while providing consistent performance characteristics and excellent reliability. CAD-based design techniques combined with 6-Sigma supported manufacturing lines and the best quality control systems give this product maximum safety and reliability.

One protector series, the 6AP, covers a broad range of applications. This provides the flexibility to customize a particular rating based on the specific requirements of universal applications.

Design & Operating Principles /\ Top

The 6AP is manufactured on fully automatic equipment, custom-designed to meet the various requirements of today’s automotive industry.

The compact 6AP metal housing with integrated terminal holds the pre-set Klixon snap–action bimetal disc. The split plate carries a resistive S-shaped wire which provides additional current sensitivity. The advanced contact system — one on the bimetal disc and one on the plate — in combination with the strong disc guarantees a long life and reliable cycling.

The operating principle of the 6AP is both simple and effective. The protector is actuated by current passing through and by heat received from the ambient temperature. The electrical circuit is interrupted when the disc reaches its preset temperature. As the device cools down to a safe temperature again, the contacts automatically reset. Each 6AP temperature rating has a bimetal disc specifically manufactured for that rating. Each device is calibrated and checked for opening-temperature. This results in optimum characteristics and consistent performance over the required life.

We’re Here To Help /\ Top

Just provide us with your specifications concerning specific current and temperature rise conditions and we will select a matching 6AP motor protector and provide you with samples. But we do more than that. A skilled staff is available to perform application testing and protector selection in a well–equipped laboratory with sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment. In close cooperation with our customer, we develop the optimum solution, providing the lowest cost of ownership and thus increasing your competitive advantage.

If motor testing and assembly are required on a larger scale, pilot series for your verification will be supplied within a very short cycle time. With design cycles becoming shorter and shorter, you can expect our prompt reply. If you wish to select your own ratings we have a software tool available to assist you in making the right selection.

6AP production facilities are located in Asia and Europe.

Performance Characteristics /\ Top
Standard Operating Temperature Range
100°C to 170°C (increments of 5K)
Tolerance on Open Temperature
Peak Temperature 5 minutes
Maximum Ambient Temperature
T - open + 20°C
Time Check at T - ambient 25°C
4 to 10 seconds
Maximum Contact Rating
15 Vdc / 30A / 30,000 cycles
30 Vdc / 15A / 30,000 cycles
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