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Klixon® 3HM series of hermetic motor protectors
Single–phase on–winding motor protection from 1 to 2½ HP

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Features and Overview /\ Top

Hermetically sealed, single–phase on–winding protection
High reliability: 2 contact ratings
Compact oval construction for smaller device profile
Meets rotary compressor high side pressure requirements
Application range: 1 to 2½ HP

Klixon 3HM motor protectors are line break automatic reset controls which are wired in series with the motor windings. These protectors are designed to track winding temperatures and respond to changes in line current, which provides protection against many overload conditions.

Product Uses /\ Top

RAC window systems to cool homes and apartments
RAC mini–split systems to cool homes and apartments
Air conditioning compressors ranging from 1 to 2½ HP
Commercial motors which must function in high–pressure corrosive environments
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Compressor Control
CODE: 3HM series

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