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Klixon MA10 Series

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Electric room heaters
Hair dryers

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Klixon® MA10 series motor protector and thermal cut–out
250VAC - 12 A resistive

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Declarations to EN60730-2-9 Qualifications
Performance Characteristics
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Features and Overview /\ Top

Snap–action Klixon disc is exposed
ENEC, UL, CSA approvals
Compact design for easy mounting
Cost effective and reliable protection
Available in wide range of calibrated pre-set operating temperatures with varying tolerances
A high, middle, or low current-sensitive bimetal disc is available at no additional charge
Fast thermal response

For over 30 years the Sensata Technologies MA10 has provided reliable protection in a variety of small domestic and personal care appliances. The MA10 has set the world standard in the field of open type temperature–sensitive safety cut–outs.
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Motor Control
CODE: MA10 series

Motor Control
CODE: CA model

Motor Control
CODE: AA model

Performance Characteristics /\ Top
Standard Operating Temperature Range
60°C to 150°C
Tolerance on Open Temperature
±5K, ±7.5K, ±10K, ±15K
Maximum Ambient Temperature
Contact Rating Thermal Cutout
250VAC – 12 Amp resistive

Qualifications /\ Top
File number LR31809
File number 2014531.12
File number E54813

Declarations to EN60730-2-9 /\ Top
Purpose of the control
Thermal cut–out
PTI of insulation materials
PTI 250
Method of mounting
By various means in conjunction with (holes in) terminals, such that adequate creepage and clearance distances are maintained between live parts and accessible metal parts
Type of action
Type 2C
Reset characteristic
Control pollution degree
Incorporated, non–electric
Degree of protection
Terminals for external conductors
For internal conductors only
Method of (dis)connection of terminals
Riveting, soldering, spot welding
Temperature limits of the switchhead
Operating time
For continuous operation
Extent of sensing element
Whole control
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