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Klixon Phenolic Motor Protectors

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Air moving motors
Commercial and industrial machinery motors
Pump motors

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Klixon® AC Off–Winding Motor Protection
Non–Hermetic, Three–phase Phenolics

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Snap–action Klixon® bimetal disc
Sensitive to both temperature and current
Miniature calibration
Protects ½ to 5 HP motors
Normally closed
Automatic or Manual Reset

Sensata Technologies’ line of automatic and manual reset protectors phenolic protectors are intended for ½hp to 15 hp general purpose, commercial and industrial motors. These single–phase and three–phase protectors can be used in single and dual voltage type motors.

Klixon Motor Protectors are designed to protect against damage caused by overheating due to locked rotor running in overload or blocked ventilation conditions including: single-phasing, plugging duty, stalling or failure to start, heavy overloads, high ambient, and ventilation failures.

This protector consists of a molded phenolic base assembly containing three heaters and a Klixon snap–acting thermal disc with three contacts.

The protector should be mounted in the motor so that it will receive the maximum amount of heating from the windings, not only for running but also for stalled rotor conditions.

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