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Klixon TH Series

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Product Uses /\ Top

The TH11 and TH21 are temperature resistive cut–outs for such applications as:
Fan heaters
Convector heaters
Hand dryers
Cable reels
...And more!

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Klixon® TH11 and TH21 series thermal cut–outs
Self–hold 250V-16(2)A

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Features and Overview /\ Top

Snap–action Klixon disc
ENEC, UL, CSA approvals
Wide temperature range
Standard 5K tolerance
Different bimetal resistivity
Robust design: bimetal disc is protected by nickel-plated steel supports for superior cycling performance
Full automated live: Provides stable setting values
Low price: This particular design provides high competitively
Flexible mounting with three terminal configurations available: on same end, on opposite end, on opposite end with holes
Automatic reset version is available as the TH10 series (identical dimensions mean that the TH10, TH11, and TH21 can be easily exchanged with one another)
TH11 operates at 230VAC, TH21 is designed for 120VAC applications
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Motor Control

CODE: TH11 and TH21 Series

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Please contact the Sensata Technologies European sales person in the Netherlands for this item.

Sensata Technologies has developed the electrical self-hold temperature cut-out in order to offer a non-self-resetting device suitable for high current applications, thus fulfilling the growing need for higher safety.

One ceramic pin has a layer of resistive material, functioning as a small heater when a voltage is supplied.

The operating principle of the TH series simple and effective. A current flows through the resistive Klixon bimetal disc. When a fault condition occurs, the increased ambient temperature causes the bimetal disc to snap open the contacts. The resistive layer spots the voltage over the open contacts and a current flows through the resistor, generating sufficient heat to keep the contacts open. When the power is switched off, the device cools down to a safe temperature and the contacts will close.

Qualifications /\ Top
File Number
Rating 13 (2) A250 / 10,000
Rating 16 (2) A250 / 1,000
Rating 13 (2) A250 / 30,000

Performance Characteristics /\ Top
TH11 Series
TH21 Series
Standard Operating Temperature Range
60°C to 150°C
60°C to 130°C
Tolerance on Open Temperature
± 5K
± 5K
Maximum Ambient Temperature
Self-hold Function in Still Air
> -20°C
> -35°C

Declarations to EN60730-2-9 /\ Top
Purpose of the control
Voltage maintained thermal cut–out
Incorporated, non–electric
Degree of protection
Terminals for external conductors
For internal conductors only
Method of (dis)connection of terminals
Riveting, soldering, spot welding, spring loaded contacting
Temperature limits of the switchhead
PTI of insulation materials
PTI 250
Method of mounting
By various means in conjunction with (holes in) terminals, such that adequate creepage and clearance distances are maintained between live parts and accessible metal parts
Operating time
For continuous operation
Type of action
Type 2C
Reset characteristic
Voltage maintained off-position through heat from the heater film on one ceramic pin. Device resets by interrupting the power supply
Extent of sensing element
Whole control
Control pollution degree
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