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IC Burn-In Test Socket Contact Technology
It’s All About the Contact

Three primary BGA contact designs have been developed to satisfy customer requirements for reliable electrical and mechanical interconnect. These contacts leave small “witness marks” on the solder ball and do not touch the bottom of the ball. These contacts are available for Pb/Sn and Pb–free solder balls.

Dual pinch contact, by Texas Instruments Dual Pinch Style : Dual pinch style contacts are available in off–set and in–line. The contacts, which open to allow package insertion, touch the solder ball above the equator when closed. These contacts are typically used for 0.5 mm pitch and above.

Buckling beam, by Texas Instruments Buckling Beam Style : For finer pitch packages (0.5 mm and below) Sensata Interconnection has developed a series of buckling beam contacts which can be used in the design of both through–hole and compression mount sockets.

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Product Brochures

CSP 0.5mm Pitch Brochure  Logic Brochure  Memory Brochure
0.5 mm Pitch BGA CSP (PDF)
4/26/05, 720KB, 2 Pages
Logic (PDF)
4/26/05, 3.3MB, 6 Pages
Memory (PDF)
4/26/05, 2.1MB, 4 Pages
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