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Burn-in Test Sockets for Chip Scale Packages: Overcoming the Challenges of Fine Pitch BGA
Written in 1998 By James A. Forster, Kiyokazu Ikeya, Masao Tohyama, Sal P. Rizzo

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IC Burn-In Test Socket Engineering
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Sensata doesn’t only set standards for core and custom burn-in test solutions, we also advance next–generation package roadmap requirements—including emerging chip scale packaging design, manufacturing, and assembly techniques.

These worldwide design efforts are supported by the resources of our Advanced Analysis and Computational Development Laboratory. Our global engineering staff will partner with you to determine and design your burn-in test sockets, with advanced communications apps at the ready.

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Tailored Engineering
Latest 3D design tools
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Rapid prototyping
Advanced thermal analysis
Design on demand
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Expert molding, design, & customization
Buckling beam contact

For interconnection testing that demands a more tailored approach, we offer a full range of technical expertise and burn-in socket solutions led by our CSP sockets.

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24/7 global support teams
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24-hour global support, seven days a week, supports our rapid response. With engineering teams in key geographic locations, including Japan, Korea, and North America, our team is never more than a few hours from your facility. Our distributed design and decision making capability allows our local application engineers and sales staff to meet with you in real time and make decisions today.
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Product Brochures

CSP 0.5mm Pitch Brochure
0.5 mm Pitch BGA CSP (PDF)
2 Pages
Logic Brochure
Logic (PDF)
6 Pages
Memory Brochure
Memory (PDF)
4 Pages

0.3 mm pitch CSP in development!

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IC engineering and design that includes:

FEA FEA and 3D Modelling
Using the latest 3D design tools such as SolidWorks and non–linear FEA analysis, our engineers create new designs in shorter periods of time.
SLA Prototype

The availability of on–site model shops and rapid prototyping facilities allows the creation of prototypes so that customers can evaluate new designs and concepts.
Wind tunnel Thermal and Mechanical Testing
A comprehensive technical service laboratory with advanced thermal analysis capabilities and wind tunnels allows Sensata to evaluate a socket’s thermal characteristics.
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